Group Rules

POSE MAKERS*************************************
1. Rez a Proposers group joiner at the store.
2. Send a group notice in your store update group to invite your members to join PROPOSERS ( If we all together do that , we will make difference)
3. Max 1 notice/Day
4. EACH 8 NOTICES -> Create a SPECIAL, UNIQUE GIFT. it doesn't have to be on sale in the store and it has to be available for all proposers members for 1 week at the store (members has to wear the group tag) or sent through a notice.
All the creators must be informed about each others new releases (to avoid the " I didn't know...) and this part is quite easy because we have notices, we have a history for notices, all that IS MISSING  to make BINDING the knowledge of each others creations, by taking vision of other stores note cards.
1. Common Poses
1a. single/fat packs
2. Simple Couple/ Group Poses  and
3. New and Creative Poses
1). THESE kind of poses are the ones you can more frequently find in every store you visit (es. piggy bag, Hi5, man carrying the girl on his arms). We don t give particular rules on that  cause we want to believe that everyone in this group can have a sense of honesty maturity to understand that a “similar” pose can be created.
1a. FOR THESE poses we have the same rules wrote in the point #1 but
If this similarity OCCURS A few times by the same creator send an IM to POLLUX BAXTON who will deal with the creator to fix the problem.
2). Talking about SIMPLE COUPLE POSES (2 or more pose balls), we know that the problem is the "SOURCE" that could be shared by two or more creators.
In this case IT will be decisive:  The temporal order of release if it occurs more than once as an occurrence/coincidence. The first occurrence between 2 pose stores will allow both stores to sell the pose. If it occurs more than once  Who first uses a pose idea/SOURCE will have the "idea protection" (considering upload dates etc etc).
CONFLICT resolution in case of same pose :
Using  the same SOURCE for a simple couple pose will produce "two almost identical poses on the market" , no great benefit for the consumer and CONFLICTS with pose creators.Let the PROPOSERS owner “moderate” and solve the issue asap.
The first pose creator will have the idea protection IF it occurs more than once as a coincidence between 2 stores (with consideration of upload dates etc etc), the other will be asked to retire its own product on the base of the evidences given.
In the event 2 stores are using the same SOURCES repeatedly both will be asked to diversify their sources/web source in which they get the pose ideas to limit/ stop the duplication of poses and conflicts of the same POSE being produced.
3). Case two. We don't talk about simple poses, but about poses with something more, that could be a prop, a concept, a theme. In this case must be protected the*NEW and CREATIVE*  ideas.
Here is the problem is : to protect the original creator and its original idea of course, without denying to others the possibility to IMPROVE and to do even better or in a DIFFERENT way an idea already expressed, to give customers more choice and fun.
If someone gets inspired by someone else's work and thinks that  THEY can improve it and do it even better adding his own "touch" , I think that for the FREEDOM of expression and for the benefit of all the market he/she could have the possibility to do that without being called a copycat.
But only with the CREDIT method, not "savagely".
CREDIT is a form of respect, acknowledgment  and award of other creators that first introduced a creative pose idea.
IF someone decides to try to present ITS OWN version of a concept/ pose theme/ specific prop/ already introduced by another creator IT MUST be credit him/her in EVERY communication
(in Flickr pic description, in every notecard / blog post ) Time required, less than 1 min.
It s very simple!!!
When You release a New and Creative Product , you can pick btw 2 credits
- CHECK OUT.....  (same theme)
- INSPIRED BY..... (style, concept, high popularity item,quality)
Why the credit METHOD should be useful?
To not limit freedom of expression
but introducing a form of RESPECT and award of the original creator.
people will choose to be OR more creative and original ( if they dont wanna to credit) OR will credit others for being the first to have introduced something original , with benefits and publicity for all .
We understand that maybe you can fail and forget or “don t know” about old creations so the role of the owner will be to moderate and interact and deal with the situation.
Solutions: get back the items from sale or leave the group for a periodically abuse

 Sometimes  Those Who copy the work of someone else:
 #1 don't think to be discovered ( but introducing binding knowledge of each other production will be---> TRANSPARENCY )  meaning knowledge of others releases by viewing the note cards (which you must do to avoid the "I didn't know...)
#2 Don't care to be original , so if they found a Source pic already used they will reproduce it even if already used, causing complaints and boring customers to death ( with "deposit" there will not possible to spoil each other resources, cause only the first one will get Protected ).
# 3 With credit people wont have choice: being CREATIVE by their own , or being honest and crediting other creators, or being publicly asked to credit if they miss to ---> RESPECT and COOPERATION.