Sunday, February 26, 2012


The auction show has been a success!
Thanks to everyone who bid and supported us in raising that money
The total raised is 190k from auctions only!

Details follow in attachment

***Photography service AUCTIONS

Skip Staheli  won by Draakje Dailey with 30k L
Strawberry Singh won by  Ona Waffle with 10K L
Cala Rossini won by Kel Unplugged with 15K L
SennaSpirit Coronet won by Arialee Miles with 10k

*** Modeling AUCTION 

Anna Sapphire - Miss Virtual World 2012

Auction 1: Private makeover of avatar + styling session of 2 hours won by Giz Seorn for 10k L

Auction 2: Appointment, evening out with MVW (3 hours of fun)  won by Giz Seorn for 10k L

Auction 3: 2 Private modeling lessons with MVW (4 hours) won by Hezabel Blackheart  with 25k L

*** Posemaker Auctions

-Miyoko Magic, Owner of HelaMiyo :: poses,shapes and prefabs :   won by BlackBarbie Bravin with 8k L
+ a new set of 5 custom single poses or a set of couple poses decided by the winner of the auction
+she can play the flute

-Melanie Romano, Owner of Razmataz Animations :     won by Rosy Moonites with 3k L
+ An Exclusive animated Runway gown pose

-Steven Dean, Owner of EssentialSoul    won by Danielle Eberhardt with 4k L
+ 1 custom couple pose +1 hour posemaking (if the winner wants to learn or improve) or anything else discussed with the winner


Frolic Mills is making a fabulous female avatar to be auctioned off to benefit autism. He says: "please remember you are bidding for this one of a kind skin by glam affair, a modifiable shape by Ponchituti Boucher and adjusted by Frolic Mills for this particular skin, a gorgeous one of a kind color dress by Gizza and inspired by Valentino! and one of a kind color of Octopussy mother of pearls and diamonds by Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey Jewelry!”


Friday, February 17, 2012


Proposers Expo-"When Love meets open arms"

11th - 25th February 2012

lOCATION : Proposers sim --->

Visit this expo to discover the latest animations, poses and photo accessories made by top designers to help your photos look as good as the experts! Showcasing the latest gadgets, animations and systems, plus parties and photography exhibits to help raise money for the Autism Society of America, this expo is not to be missed!

More than an Expo-Why?

Samara Pennell, from Proposers says:  

“Proposers are a group for photography, pose and animation lovers.  We wanted to open the New Year with a different event rather than our famous Hunt. Sitting on the couch and watching the snow falling, and the Holidays fast approaching, I thought it was the right time to have fun again and HELP for a GOOD CAUSE. I have had the great honor and opportunity to get in touch with the ASA (Autism Society of America). Autism is a great deal nowadays, that appears in early childhood, usually before age 3. All autism disorders affect a child's ability to communicate and interact with others. December 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued their ADDM autism prevalence report. The report concluded that the prevalence of autism had risen to 1 in every 110 births in the United States and almost 1 in 70 boys.”

Our Mission

We came out with the idea to have an EXPO where part of the sales will be donated directly to the ASA.

Donation Kiosks will be placed on the sim too. Documents and/or proof of RL Donation will be shared with the Proposers Group after the end of the event.

---> 1 Item with 100% of sales donated must be offered and original to the event.<---

Other Photography artists, creators or VIP’s will join to give a contribution in this project.
Update= Auctions will be set and here some of their names:

***Photography service AUCTIONS (using auction boards):

Skip Staheli
Strawberry Singh
Cala Rossini
SennaSpirit Coronet

*** Modeling AUCTION (using auction boards):

Anna Sapphire - Miss Virtual World 2012

Auction 1: Private makeover of avatar + styling session of 2 hours

Auction 2: Appointment, evening out with MVW (3 hours of fun)

Auction 3: 2 Private modeling lessons with MVW (4 hours)

***VIP LIVE AUCTION on Feb 25th

Frolic Mills is making a fabulous female avatar to be auctioned off to benefit autism. He says: "The great thing is that she could be a top model, a chic fashionista, an elegant business woman or a hooker all the same. She comes with a brand mew one of a kind skin, a brand new fab dress by Gizza and 1 hour styling session with me to finish customizing to your taste!”

                                                           FANTASYLAND ESTATES

                               Avenue Magazine                    Moolto Magazine & Social Network
                               BeStyle Magazine                         My Face pool Social Network
                             The BEST OF SL Magazine                                   Oh Boi Magazine
                                     BOSL Radio                             Royal living LifestyleMagazine
                                Glance Magazine                                     Scruplz Magazine
                               Explore Magazine               SecondnightsMagazine & Social Network
                                  Icon Magazine                               Supermodel Inc. Magazine
                             Imagine Magazine                                   Too Sexy Magazine
                                Levity Magazine                                      XPoser AD system
                              Maniera Magazine

More Information, please contact:

Pollux Baxton
Samara Pennell   

Saturday, January 15, 2011


1-    Essential Soul
The ink on your body is a meaning to your soul and a way to find the key :P
2-    BeScene Poses                
Stay tuned for updates!
3-    Lost World                       
Two is always better than one !!
4-    NLimbo
"Rawr and Stuff"           
5-    Amacci                               
Don't go into the couples pose room!
6-    .:S:. Stance
"Its Childs Play"                   
7-    aDORKable Poses                      
Step Up
8-    Morgane Batista Poses Shop
take a night out on samhain 
9-   eMOTIONS                                      
Sometimes hunts can be a little Intense!
10- Studio Sidhe                                   
Her final resting place has been spruced up & is coming soon :)
11- Props-N-Poses
the hand is held in the hand! This is truly a Kodak Moment!                   
12- KMADD                                      
It is in my mouth
13- Kabuki Creations                          
Look for it by the Sitting Down section (1st Floor)
14- ::WetCat::                                 
"Give me 'Five' .... Just look Up!"
15- {Just A Pose}
Above the door, look noooo more!                       
16- Olive Juice                                    
On the back wall of my store, on the outside
17- *EverGlow*                                     
Between new things, there's always a new surprise..
18- oOo Studio
Whisper quiet, Whisper low, Whisper secrets down below.
19- Bound & Bitten                            
 Thank you Sir may I have another!
20- EmmePose
 A fresh sensation                          
21- Diesel Works Poses & Animations
Between wall and couch
22- CORPUS                                             
'Chocolate, men, coffee... Some things are better rich'
One of them you have to find
The hand thats hidden
and with one of them related a titch!
23- ***OUT***
At #22 you'll get LM for #24
24- Razmataz                                           
Stairs are good exercise
25- Body Talking                                     
Hidden from the eyes that can see sight...
26- *~*HopScotch*~*              
It can see you through the bars, can you see it as well?
27- I s2 Posey                                 
A kitten so small that it fits in the palm of your hand.
28- Miamai                                         
It must be Love
29- ::eXpression:: Poses                  
If you like to play -BALL- , the gift is hidden on the perfect place
30- Eternal Dream
i believe i can fly...           
31- WDK                                                    
Handy couch
32- TeaSoup                                            
dont look down, just look up
33- Hot Dolphin Love Animations            
"What am I standing on?"
34- Just In The Nick Of Time                   
Come On Baby Light My Fire
35- { P.S. PoseWorks}
Caught from behind with his hand working her frame      
36- agapee
"time to get something FREE"
37- AyYaiYai                                           
You can definitely enjoy the view up here.
38- PURPLE POSES                       
I need sit and rest while looking the poseballs
39- AAA Poses
I think my latest posepack is only for Chique Models.                         
40- Slash Me Poses                     
Mmmm, cake
41- BehaviorBody                           
center is the right way
42- Di's Opera                                     
Where Silence speaks
43- ChereeMotion                              
Shine your beam up a little higher than normal or you will miss it.
44- HelaMiyo
don't try your scanners here ;) go around HelaMiyo, oh wow it's a new shop! Maybe you will like to subscribe?                             
45- [Lyndz-Matic] Poses
"It's a Purrrr-fect spot to sit"          
46- hate me and eat me                
the kitten knows!
47- Au Flou                             
look up, up, up! LITERALLY.
48- STAKEY                                         
There's so much change in here...
49- Atooly                                            
Who doesn't like ice cream?
50- gesticulate
51- On Stage Studios                        
We all need somebody to ..............

Thursday, January 13, 2011

PROPOSERS hunt 3 poses preview pt. 2

Here i am with more pictures, the creators are truly doing an awsome job to get you all theses original poses.

Just in the nick of time


Studio Sidhe



PNP Props N Poses

oOo Studio

Slash me poses


Just a pose


Body Talking



More to come again soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

PROPOSERS hunt 3 poses preview pt. 1

Hello everybody, Here is the preview of poses you will receive in the pose hunt by incredible posemaker all around SL.

Let's start with AAA Poses

Morgane Batista Poses Shop


Di's Opera

P.S. PoseWorks


On Stage Studios

More pictures to come!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Lars Foulsbane
lulu coba
Kaelyn alecto
cloverr biscuit
dancer dallagio
laduh65 kimagawa
blur mannequin
lisbeth gummibaum
nala kurka
whisper stella
velvetonyx jewell
xenobia foxclaw
mister klaber
sookie triellis
angelik lavecchia
nave fall
lua vendetta
darling tomorrow
salvo waydelich
silvi karu
Perla Rae
una nubalo
Brie Pinazzo
oxoSimplyxAmandaoxo Magic
Rylan Carling -
Shayariel Teardrop
Stolan resident
Tamara Lowenhart
Vanessinha Vectoscope
Renee Lowenhart
Whisper Swansong
Carson Caiben
Felyne Aura

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HOW to apply and be a POSEMAKER with Us

1). Create a note card and name it (store name) for (group name)
2). Fill the note card with:
- Store Name
- Owner Name
- LM
3). AFTER HAVING READ THIS NOTE CARD, Copy and paste the following text:

“With this application I agree about all terms that each part has to respect. I'll use my honesty, integrity and knowledge to improve the quality level of this group and of my own business in relation with all the other pose makers.
(name and last name of the owner involved)”
4). Make it NO MOD
5). Send to
- Anatalia Honi / Morgane Batista (Managers)
They will take care to redirect the note cards received and have the first contact with a new candidate