Sunday, February 26, 2012


The auction show has been a success!
Thanks to everyone who bid and supported us in raising that money
The total raised is 190k from auctions only!

Details follow in attachment

***Photography service AUCTIONS

Skip Staheli  won by Draakje Dailey with 30k L
Strawberry Singh won by  Ona Waffle with 10K L
Cala Rossini won by Kel Unplugged with 15K L
SennaSpirit Coronet won by Arialee Miles with 10k

*** Modeling AUCTION 

Anna Sapphire - Miss Virtual World 2012

Auction 1: Private makeover of avatar + styling session of 2 hours won by Giz Seorn for 10k L

Auction 2: Appointment, evening out with MVW (3 hours of fun)  won by Giz Seorn for 10k L

Auction 3: 2 Private modeling lessons with MVW (4 hours) won by Hezabel Blackheart  with 25k L

*** Posemaker Auctions

-Miyoko Magic, Owner of HelaMiyo :: poses,shapes and prefabs :   won by BlackBarbie Bravin with 8k L
+ a new set of 5 custom single poses or a set of couple poses decided by the winner of the auction
+she can play the flute

-Melanie Romano, Owner of Razmataz Animations :     won by Rosy Moonites with 3k L
+ An Exclusive animated Runway gown pose

-Steven Dean, Owner of EssentialSoul    won by Danielle Eberhardt with 4k L
+ 1 custom couple pose +1 hour posemaking (if the winner wants to learn or improve) or anything else discussed with the winner


Frolic Mills is making a fabulous female avatar to be auctioned off to benefit autism. He says: "please remember you are bidding for this one of a kind skin by glam affair, a modifiable shape by Ponchituti Boucher and adjusted by Frolic Mills for this particular skin, a gorgeous one of a kind color dress by Gizza and inspired by Valentino! and one of a kind color of Octopussy mother of pearls and diamonds by Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey Jewelry!”


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